4 Month NYC Pot Party - May - August, 2023

All Vendors/Sponsors Can Set Up Anywhere & Do There Own Thing, There Is No Fees

No pitch, no gimme gimme gimme the money. Not here baby, You can exhibit for free. It's my 7th year doing NYC street fairs without prices. Customers pay what they think it worth to them, same thing applies here for my bags and pot parties. I can't do this green tourist effort alone so any company, vendor or whatever can set up and do their thing. Feel free to hawk and promote around several daily on the fly pot parties on our daily history trails. Hash tags on my Instagram/Facebook postings (Caretoker) will reveal each pot party location.

To Begin My 7th Year Of No NYC Prices, Bagsgab Invites Vendors To Attend With Out Any Cost or Fees.

Come Help Us Boost NYC Green Tourism

#1 - No Cost Events For Pot Mags / Weed Shows / Cannabis Related Biz's/ Artists / Musicians / Crafters / Performers / Salespeople

#2 - Bagsgab Tandems Nightly Cannabis & Natural Product Events - Any company in the natural product or cannabis industry is encouraged to participate. It costs nothing to vend at, sponsor or partner events. You create the vibe, I’ll hook it up and direct bagsters to it. Bagsgab creates reservations for smaller spaced events, to bring in bagsters gradually. The linked nightly events/ party’s can be anything your company wants them to be. I have dozens of downtown locations and can even rent many spaces by the day (you'll have to help pay for those). It's your party, Bagsgab just hooks the right people and the right places. Choose between our VIP bagsters or the entire Bagsgab army. Most of the main events will be around Stone Street down past Wall Street but other locations we will be smoking up includes the Seaport, Soho/Tribeca, and the East/West Villages.

#3 - Pay In Product - If your a small natural food snack company let's do 3 month NYC business test in exchange for product (that I’ll need to help restock the location, because of the coupons we will use). Your company might wanna create a challenge prize to help encourage reaction shot participation.

#4 - Vend For Exposure - Bagsgab welcomes any vendor who wants to help make this 40 day pot party memorable. Feel free to set up at our historic pot stops or outside our history games at our on the fly (market) flocking areas. Vendors will get advanced information on our on the fly daily happenings.

#5 - Help Us Grow - Trade offs are welcome and help make you part of the project at a rate that works for you. For example Bagsgab mainly needs sponsored protest signs, Hello My Name Is stickers, Terpene smelling stations and our show bag.

#6 - Just show up, work your own magic, all industry members get free VIP upgrades. Remember passing a vibe, then a joint and then your business card works best.

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