B A G S G A B # 1

Smoke Yourself Back Thru NYC History

A 40 Daze NYC Pot Party Taking Back New Amsterdam

Pot Camp For Cannasseurs

Toking tourists (over 21 only) hit 8 hour street fair pot parties restarting in April.

Shared Experiences

Invite An Old Stoner Or Just Bring Your Bud

All Bagsgab bags are for two, so bring a buddy (over 21) and your bud (we will have lots of Curved and Snail rolling papers, or smoke my giant j's.

Bring the oldest, most handicapped person you want to smoke with, remember I'm a Caretoker.

Not Like Your Parents Idea of Conventional Conventioning

Bagsgab tries to effect people positively, unifying people (thru group therapy and products) to heal this planet until it's perfect.

Bagsters become part of a movement to fix this world and live more indigenous lifestyles.

Not into politricks but let's keep old people out of the White House.

I'll be pushing cool young politicians like Max Frost from Florida, to really go Wild In The Streets.

Surely a Different Cannabis Event Than You've Ever Attended

To calm down from the harsh realities of the world we are all treading and protesting on, you should be stoned.

NYC has always been an alluring flower, smelling sweet but deadly poisonous.

NYC is a constant melting pot experiment to see if all kinds of people can live (and party) together.

Stoners smoking up at my street fairs will be a magical force to be reckoned with by the passing straights.

Game Plan

Bag #1 - Stoners protest and use Cannabis products at Street Fairs to laugh away the state of this world

Bag #2 - Kids at kids friendly NYC street fairs, develop good traits & virtues reading picture books listed on Tellitales.

Bag #3 - College kids attend Goats OG school lectures, while dispensary customers and pot partiers discover local Goats OG presentations.

Weed & Kids Can Change The World, But Not Together Until They Are Old Enough

Bagsgab is an innovative start up company that can be used to promote any new product to the NYC masses.

My street fair events celebrates my 6th year caretoking with the elderly, my 7th year with NO NYC prices.

My cannabis parties celebrates the safe release of 8 years of Amsterdam Cannabis Cup footage provided to Steve Hager from High Times throughout the 1990's.

Norman X - Principal

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