A 3 Month NYC Pot Party

March 27 - May 5 2023

Disguised as a pot party, but actually its a revolution against big corporate food.

Bagsgab first revolutionary act is converting NYC businesses that once only sold corporate foods, drinks and products.

In Feb. 2023, Bagsgab Starts Embedding Natural Snacks, Foods and Products For 4 Month Tests Into Dozens of NYC Businesses.

Coupons exclusive to our history tour stop stores are distributed to bring customers to our placed Natural Products.

These relevant coupons along with a free daily flyer will be given out at each daily first stop on our 40 NYC history trails.

Other Coupons are included in the N and X bags, and are also distributed at our flocking hubs and nightly parties.

Joint manufacturer and participating business coupons fuel our Natural Product Companies reaction shot challenges.

QR codes at all placed Natural Products participating stores, let baggers send reaction shots to Bagsgab or post it using hash tags.

Each daily flyer gives one clue to the different daily NYC business distributing our free inclusive bag for a few hours that one day.

Every day one hidden distribution store will give out our free inclusive N bags (with a required store purchase) for a few hours.

While that daily mystery store gives out free N bags, an in-store pop up sells our exclusive X bag and themed Hawaiian shirts.

Other history stop stores along these different daily trails will give out other clues to our mysterious distributing location.

The daily flyer promotes all the brands being tested that day, the days history game and the prize(s) up for grabs.

Once the N or X Bagsgab bags are scored and registered, these baggers are sent email versions of each daily flyer early in the morning.

Emailed flyers not only list the tour stops, and the years the tours/games revolve around, but also the flocking hubs and filming party locations.

Most flocking hubs (where the games are played) and filming locations are located in downtown NYC, mostly in old Dutch New Amsterdam.

Imagine all these stoners enjoying Natural Products from small companies, while protesting in the heart of Wall Street.

Bagsgab sends our hash mobs to perform psychedelic vaudeville skits protesting old historic wrongs on the grounds it took place on.

These stoners time travel back in time by using the euphoria of the cannabis experience to help absorb the history they are standing on.

Hello My Name Is stickers are given out at our flocking hubs with your character name on it for the days history game to win prizes.

Bagsgab's sponsored nightly party locations film reaction shots for social media blasts, spokesperson contests and other promotional uses.

When baggers test different Natural Products, it returns them to the present time, with a new healthy path for their own future.

Hawaiian shirt clad contestants compete at daily flocking hub events to win sponsored prizes and bag upgrades.

First playing as a team they re-enact history, surviving winning team members compete against each other to score prizes.

10 Hawaiian shirts teams reflect the themes of the Bagsgab distributing stores, baggers can bring their own shirts with these themes.

Guitar Hawaiian Shirts - Record Stores

Surfboard Hawaiian Shirts - Comic Book Stores

Flower Hawaiian Shirts - Flower Shops

Boat Hawaiian Shirts - Bookstores

Vehicle Hawaiian Shirts - Toy Stores

Bird Hawaiian Shirts - Art Galleries

Pineapple Hawaiian Shirts - Groceries

Drink Hawaiian Shirts - Bars

Fish Hawaiian Shirts - Restaurants

Hula Girl Hawaiian Shirts - Clubs

Reyn Spooner/Tommy Bahama/Vintage Hawaiian Shirts With All 10 Themes - Apparel Stores

Games May Include

13th Street Water Tower Flow Game;

Burr's Bad Manhattan Water Roulette;

Christopher Colles Log Pipeline;

Corlears Hook Army Casualties;

Davy Crockets Slumming Tours;

Doyers Street Tong Showdown;

Dutch Gardeners Pissed Off Directors;

European Tools That Bought NYC;

Firehouse 33 - Black Joke’s Battles;

Firefighters Launched the Mafia;

Fires and Waters of NYC;

Former Highest Spots in NYC;

James Fenimore Cooper’s Bread or Cheese Club;

John Hughson’s Slave Insurrection;

King of the Jones Alley Junkies;

Liberty Pole/Golden Hill’s War Baiting;

May Pole Celebrations;

Monk Eastman's Pet Shop;

Native Americans vs European Pox's;

NYC Red Light Districts;

Paul Kelly's Five Points Unification;

Pavonia and Corlears Hook Massacre;

Peach War Hostages/Killings;

Pillaging and Burning Of Settlers;

Poisoning of NYC Fresh Waters;

Socialist Black Lung Neighborhoods;

Splitting Downtown Into an Island;

Steve Brody And Other Bowery Dives;

Stuyvesants Forced Peace Surrender;

Top Stoner On Stone Street;

Useless Yellow Fever/Smallpox Cures;

Whitehall War Induction Damnations;

& Pulling The Goose (wait, just kidding we are not playing this old sick game).

Nightly Reaction Shot Filming Events With Natural Product Companies and Weed Related Sponsors.

The best on the fly hidden weed related sponsored events are saved for last, but every night has different unscheduled parties.

The party locations are always close to the flocking hub and is revealed after the winner(s) of the daily history game receives their prize(s).

Potential sponsors can click HERE for options

Potential baggers can purchase history trail tickets for March 27th HERE, and March 28th HERE

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